Minicraft Downloads

The world of “Minicraft” looks chunky and without a goal, but there are hundreds of thousands who love it, because the game offers the player boundless freedom in the design. It begins on a beach lined with green hills; In the background rugged rocky peaks rise. The whole landscape is composed of cuboids, and the sun, which stands between angular clouds in the sky, is a glistening square. As the player explores the human-free environment, the shadows of the pixel trees are getting longer and the night is breaking in. Panic, you begin to dig a cave into the nearest mound with bare hands. Soon it will be pitch fitter – who knows what dangers wait in the dark?

Minicraft Online is a phenomenon: the game knows no story, no high scores and no rewards. The game is very popular and there are tons of Minicraft downloads every day. While others flaunt with splendid graphics, it relies on chunky retro look. For this, it offers almost limitless design freedom: the cubes from which the world is composed can be combined almost arbitrarily according to the Lego principle, transforming the world around one at will. Because the game is not even finished. The survival mode, where you are not only built in front of you, but also chased by monsters it is still in the development phase. It is exactly this mode that fascinates the most. The first night in the makeshift refuge is one of the most intense moments of Minicraft: Tough, the time runs until the morning gray, while through thin walls a good-hearted growling penetrates. When the sun finally shows itself again, it goes to the work with firefighters. Wood, clay or rock are abundant, but can only be saved with the right tools. The game is made on a workbench, and you can also produce weapons and armor. In search of coal, ore and gold, you burrow deeper and deeper into the mountain and encounters underground caves, rivers and lava lakes.

Perhaps the adventurer will soon be leaving the camp, exploring strange places, feeding on pigs and mushrooms while keeping a careful eye on the sun. Perhaps you will also build a fortress with moats and defensive towers. You can not hope for one thing in this infinite, randomly-generated landscape.

The game is like a white sheet of paper on which the player writes his personal adventure. With every decision he makes, he changes the once-untouched pixel world sustainably. Every block you personally place, is also the opportunity to tell a different kind of story. Minicraft differs fundamentally from most sandbox games: Grand Theft Auto, Fallout and other genre representatives make the transition to fixed-point events that can not be skipped. Minicraft, on the other hand, relies on the creativity of the players, which would bring down any pre-made action. The concept behind it is called Emergent Gameplay: From simple basic mechanics (dismantle, assemble, defend) complex game situations arise. How good it works, the Minicraft fans with countless videos of their creations demonstrate emphatically – for example with a trap for monsters, a steak factory, a roller coaster or a 16-bit computer. Minicraft Downloads are rising all the time. The Classic version is particularly suitable for magnificent buildings: there is no day-night cycle and no monsters. But the most important thing is, there is a multiplayer mode. There, Minicraft architects join forces to work together on gigantic projects. Highlights on YouTube include a scaled-down Earth globe, a model Enterprise, replicas of Notre Dame and similar.

The game consists of a complex, infinitely large world randomly generated at the beginning of the game, populated with animals, monsters and settlers including the villages inhabited by them. The player can virtually explore the most archaic shoots, such as exploring huge caves, knocking precious metals out of the ground (making better armour and tools), crushing evil monsters, building gigantic castles, a gateway to hell or a farm, Animals, planting fields, building railways, driving and creating door openers, softeners or even pocket calculators with logical circuits. All this gives only a tiny idea of ​​the possibilities. However, since the first version of Minicrafts, nothing has changed much. The simplicity and straightforwardness of game design remained the same. This is already clear in the short presentation of the game on its website. Minicraft is about building blocks to build everything you can imagine. At night monsters come before this happens you should have built a shelter. That’s enough. The rest is made by the players – and because they are made so easy, they do so with great joy and incredible productivity. Especially the simplicity of game play and operation gives the player infinite possibilities to live out his creativity. In addition, he can live his adventure and discovery pleasure and lead a survival fight in the wild. Of course, these are factors that influence the success of the game.

There are Minicraft Downloads available. The computer game has already been sold more than four million times – even though it is officially not yet finished. The reason is not a brilliant marketing strategy of a large game group. From the great players of the gaming industry, a regular cult has developed around the game of an independent programmer. The reason for this is the game principle with addiction factor: as a small man, the player is placed on his own in a randomly generated pixel world – and thereby possesses all the liberties to shape the found world according to his ideas.  The principle is reminiscent of a Lego modular system – and the game community is as creative as the game. From the raw materials available in the game world tools are built, in order to process stones, wood and clay into blocks. This also makes the production of additional tools possible. There are so many possibilities and you can try them all by yourself.

For the future, we can still expect a lot of Minicraft: The developer is working intensively on a working multiplayer mode for the Survival version. An adventure mode is also planned, which will be more oriented on conventional roller-adventure adventures.

Take a look at this video and get inspired for your own creative world: